Summer Recap

So the Summer is wrapping up.. school starts in ~1 week. Which is a scary thought for me, as always time has flown by so fast. I've had a good summer. In a way I am glad that school is back, just because it always reinstates a purpose, a schedule. I'll just share a couple of the highlights of my Summer...


Back In The Air Again..

So this is just a quick update on what's been happening lately.

School ended about 10 days ago, I flew back here to the desert.. Been hanging around, saw some people and what not. Now I'm heading to Windsor, Ontario -Canada- for the start of real Summer Vacation. (My Grandparents live there) Me, my little sister and my mom are leaving tonight and my dad and older sister will be arriving later in the week. It should be a good time, my Grandparents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary! So yep.. that's the next couple weeks for me, lots of reading, biking and relaxing.



A Broken Record..

Well, I'm back in the UAE now, on Summer Vacation!!
I probably sound like a broken record, saying that I'm going to write another post soon.. well this time I really am. I hope to be able to write an update about once a week during the Summer, just brief updates so I don't write a monster every month..



This is just a quick update..

So this past week back at school has been so busy. Especially this past couple days. The Yearbook is supposed to be done by now, so a bunch of the team has been working all day and night.I really enjoy it.. Something really cool is that I'll get to spend a couple days in France this coming week.. Sunday-Wednesday, Me and two other students will be going to the printers (of the yearbook) to coordinate things and get the printing started. I defiantly wasn't the first choice of people to go, but I'm really glad I can go.
And parents, thanks for sending the permission slip so fast!!
It's a 5 hour drive there, so I'm going to have plenty of time to get my homework done --and write a more thorough update of what I've been up to.


Chicken, Homeless Shelter, the Rhine.. Oh My!

So once again, this is the first time that I've written anything in a long time, and I fell bad about that.. but thankfully I finally have some time to kill here in the Istanbul Airport. Lots has happened in the past month or so..

I'll start with last weekend, I'm pretty sure it was last week, was a reealy busy one. After school on Friday, I talked with some people after school and mozyed around town, and made my way back up to the dorm eventually.. When I got back I saw some guys out on this grassy feild area thats near the dorm playing Ultimate Frizbiee, unfortunatly, by the time i changed into some clothes that could get dirty (it had rained recently, so it was muddy), the frizbiee game had morphed into a mud fight. After we finish things up and start heading down to the dorm, Cory (one of the RAs) comes out.. takes one look at us and trys to get away.. well once he got muddy we decided to go for round two back in the mud.
On our way down this time, we saw a couple of Palm girls in this little playground thing right between the dorm and the grass, we decided to try to freak them out.. on the count of three, 10 muddy (mostly shirtless) guys charged at them.. It took a couple seconds for it to register, but when it did.. they screamed and ran, luckly for us.. we had an alabi, it was April Fools! Man who would've thought that water and dirt could be so fun?!


Off to retreat.

So I don't have alot of time to write right now, but I wanted to share a couple of things quickly. On Friday the whole High School is going on a retreat to Lenk Switzerland for the weekend, should be really fun.. The weather is finaly getting nicer.. the sun is coming out more, I've been going on lots of walks, exploring and such.

I'll make sure to write a more detailed post on Monday, since we have it off.


A Long Weekend..Well Sort Of.

So this is my first attempt at changing what/how I'm going to be writing/posting things here on my blog.. Right now it's Sunday, about 3PM. I'm in the school hall/auditorium doing sound for a group of my friends that are going to be preforming with a famous Korean Saxophonist tonight.. So far this weekend has been good.. we had home-basketball games on Friday/Saturday.

 Friday night I was at the school watching basketball and helping Sono-Libero (a student literary magazine) with one of their fundraiser coffeehouses, after hanging around for a while, me and about 6 other people decided to check out a concert at the nearby German High-school.. We didn't really crash it because they did invite BFA to come, but we ended up being the only people to attend. One of the bands was "Yournextboyfriend", they were a punkish/hard rock band, sounded somewhat like Greenday or something similar, mostly predictable pop-rock sounding stuff, but the singer did throw in some growls and they had some metalish sounding parts too, all their songs were in English.. They weren't that bad.. The next performance was by "DJ Slayback, he did some cool mixes of mostly Pop stuff.. but nothing too special, it was still fun.

Saturday wasn't very interesting either, woke up pretty late, had breakfast and biked down to school for practice.. Not much else.. did some homework and went to bed.

Today has been good so far.. this morning, instead of going to church in town with everyone else, me and another sophomore, Max, went to a German church called G5, I liked it A LOT more than the normal church that pretty much all the BFA people go to. Even though I'm only in German 1 and I've only been in it for like 5ish months or so, I was surprised by how much of the service I could understand. What was really nice was that there was headphones with someone translating the sermon. I really wanna go back there.. it was really cool because on the walls either side of the stage they had "Wilkommen Zuhausen" which means "Welcome Home". Well that has been my Sunday so far.. hopefully I can find some time to do my homework and call my parents!

10PM Sunday:
Well it's all over now, I'm super tired and I have a headache, but the whole night went really well and I'm glad I got to help with it. I'm finishing an English paper right now, but after that I'm going to rest and hopefully I survive Monday.


--Didn't end up as short as I thought it would be.. :P